WordPress Development

WordPress is another popular platform which we recommend for variety of websites offering content management services.  As per the rising demand of our clients and customers we have setup WordPress with simplified and highly extensible platform to sustain in the market. Various benefits included in WordPress Service package are: customized use of content easy to deal with and time to time updating of your website after the delivery.

Different services provided by WordPress include:

Configuration and installation

WordPress makes you distinct from WordPress, WordPress MU, BuddyPress or BBPress providing you new and uttermost plug-in for your unique requirement right away from group of experts.  The expert team is available everywhere and anywhere to offer the best quality through its skills and advanced technology.

Custom designing of blog

Our leadership and experience ensures that you will have a fresh and continuing site till life.  To make your site look awesome it needs to be customized, WordPress services is there to fulfill your needs and live up to your expectation.

Theme execution & development

WordPress is the right place for you if you are searching for help in setting up a website design ready with you. Team experts will manage the project quite well up to your expectations and needs. They consider their clients success as theirs.

Installation and development of Plug-ins

They offer customized plug-in in writing for portfolio sites, podcasting and forums so content management can done easily and enhance user experience according to the needs of the user.  WordPress Service offers all available plug-ins and personalizes them as per your mentioned requirements.

WordPress Migration

WordPress helps you to migrate from blogging platform or fundamental HTML site and puts you in the list of utilizing latest technology. This service offers various tailor-made WordPress themes.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Whether your site is an old one or a new one it is very important to update themes, plug-ins and whole database of your website. WordPress services boost ranking of search engines and conversion rate of your with the help of SEO optimized tools.

Web site optimization

To improvise the existence of your present blog WordPress services is the best option.  A minor improvement of 500ms in load timing gives way to improvement and conversions up to 20%. Their services provide server optimizations to PHP, Apache and MYSQL.  To acquire more performance from your existing server WordPress services is an efficient and cost effective technique.

WordPress has created many successful and popular blogs. Few related services of WordPress are:

  • Custom web-oriented applications through WordPress
  • Technical support for WordPress
  • WordPress template or theme formation
  • Custom development of WordPress plug-in
  • Custom design for WordPress theme
  • Relocation from another blogging system to WordPress
  • Migration of WordPress domain and server
  • Implementation of WordPress theme or template
  • WordPress upgrades
  • Installation of WordPress MU
  • SEO services related to WordPress
  • WordPress Security Audits
  • WordPress Multisites development